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Condition & Commitment:

Condition: Please CONTACT US before purchasing any listing,we will discuss with you,check your project & let you know whether we will work for your project or not.If you don't have any good results in past or this is your fast project then please don't contact us.We have the choice and we do not work with the administrators who do not guarantee profits for investors!!!You are requested not to pay without contacting us because if you pay without contacting us & if we don't like your project so we will not join + we will not refund!!!you have been warned!!!

Commitment: If your project brings good results for Investors but we do not produce good results.We are vreadyto give you back the fees,if you want. but the you have to join with us at the beginning!!!
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  • Fees
  • 728x90 Banners
  • 468x60 Banners
  • 125x125 Banners
  • Sticky (Days)
  • Hot
  • Listing
  • Guaranteed Investment
  • Stars Rating
  • RCB
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  • Support 24/7


  • $1500
  • $2000
  • LifeTime
  • LifeTime
  • LifeTime
  • 30
  • Hot Hot Hot
  • VIP
  • $15000
  • 500%


  • $1000
  • $1500
  • 14 days
  • 21 days
  • 21 days
  • 14
  • Hot Hot
  • Exclusive
  • $7500
  • 350%


  • $500
  • $1000
  • 7 days
  • 14 days
  • 14 days
  • 7 days
  • Hot
  • $4000
  • 100%
Project Listing Policy & Conditions

1) You may add a new HYIP project,if you are the site owner. Please don't submit a referral link.

2) At first your program will be added in the list as "waiting", once we received our first payment , it will be listed as "Paying"

3) We don't accept any special plan,such as : bonus offer,monitor plan,etc; Please don't send support message of your bonus offer; you will not get response .

4) If you advertise your banner(s) with us,your banner(s) will Rotating or No-Rotating(depending on the time our banner ad slot sold condition )

5) We have the right to deny,remove,modify your program or banner(s) based on logical reason without explaining and refunding.

6) All banner advertisements and listing sales are final. No refunds will be given for ad purchases that you no longer wish to continue.

7)For very fast plan like 6%+ Daily Return we accept only VIP listing!

8) We always suggest to buy Listing from our website not from telegram or anywhere else.

9) If you make any transaction except from our website & lose your money so we will never responsible for that because there a lot of Scammer who always copying our Telegram profile.

10) These terms may change. You agree to comply with all changes.